Why you should hire us

There are countless reasons as to why you should pick VonvilJunk as your preferred clearing company.


  • Reputable

We are a respected company that has been doing rubbish removal for quite some time. Over this period we have grown our client base and this can only mean that they trust us and are impressed by our services. Join our long list of clients and experience services with a difference.

  • Unrivaled customer service

You will find that reaching us is not only easy, but that also our customer care team handles you courteously at all times. Each customer’s needs are treated carefully and with a personal touch because we understand that your needs come first always. If you write to us via email we respond within the shortest time possible.

  • High standards of Professionalism

Rubbish collection involves people coming into your home or business premises and that being the case, the last thing you need is a clearing crew that has no respect for boundaries. Our employees are professionals and will not go around messing with anythng they are not supposed to touch. We make sure that high standards of integrity are maintained at all times.

  • We offer environmental friendly services

We understand the dangers of not handling rubbish properly. For this reason, we have invested heavily in training and equipment to ensure that the waste is handled in a way that is friendly to the environment. If there is garbage that can be reused, we donate it to various charity organizations.

  • Award winning cleaning company

Our amazing work has led to us being recognized by various bodies. For instance; in 2014 we were awarded the Best Green Business” Entrepreneur of the Year award. That only goes to prove that we are a team that you can trust and partner with in as far as rubbish removal within London is concerned.

  • Affordable

With us, you do not have to worry about cost as we have structured our business in such a way that all kinds of customers are catered for. From as low as 40 pounds, you can have your rubbish collected by Vonvil Junk.


We are a leading company in the business of rubbish removal and we have been doing this work for a while. You can count on us.