We Should Recycle, Reuse and Reduce Waste Quickly

Problems created by improper or frequent waste disposal can be resolved by reducing, reusing and recycling our waste. Reducing waste production can protect as well as conserve the environment, save money and natural resources.

Here are main reasons why we should reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.

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Saves money: More efficient use of an item or product will result in fewer purchases of new materials. Therefore by focusing on reducing wastage, you reduce waste disposal cost. This, in turn, results in money saved. When you practice reducing, reusing and recycling on a large scale, there will be more savings.

Reduces environmental pollution: Instead of throwing away old items, put them to good use by recycling. As more people recycle and reuse, there is a significant reduction in the level of disposable waste and waste stored in landfill sites. Therefore, this reduction reduces damage to the environment.

Promote green image: Garbage or trash is one of the contributors to global warming. Solid wastes emit greenhouse gas which traps heat in the atmosphere hence contribute to global warming. Reducing waste disposal decreases the release of greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Protects natural habitats and environment: A Large portion of lands is required to make room for landfill sites and dumping areas for waste. These sites endanger nearby animal habitats, and burning of the waste pollutes the environment. Through waste reusing and recycling natural habitat and the environment are protected.

By reducing, reusing and recycling waste, we take steps to create a sustainable environment. In the process, we improve economic status and the quality of life.

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