Vonvil Junk de-cluttering services

It is the desire of every one to live in a tidy home or work from a tidy office. A cluttered compound, full of junk and other rubbish is an eyesore, it makes one want to keep off. As such, it is recommendable to hire de-cluttering services from a reliable company, to ensure that such junk and waste is disposed off correctly once and for all. Vonvil Junk has built its name and reputation out of offering reliable de-cluttering services around the UK. Below are some of the things that put them ahead of the rest;


Expertise; Vonvil Junk has experience de-cluttering all types of junk and waste from homes, or even in commercial premises. They have customized trucks for transporting all junk collected without having it spilled on the streets or around your compound.

Flexibility; Vonvil Junk also understands that there are times you’ll be busy, either leaving home early to go to work and returning late, or traveling widely. In such scenarios, the company can arrange to come de-clutter your premises either at night, early in the morning, on public holidays, or even on weekends, if that is when you’d be available. This flexibility allows clients to concentrate on their day to day activities without having to cancel a thing from their schedule.

Staff; the staff at Vonvil Junk is trained and qualified in de-cluttering all manner of junk and waste from your home. They are also courteous and very trustworthy; you don’t have to worry about letting them access your house or office, they never touch anything unrelated to the task at hand.

Recycling; most of the junk and waste de-cluttered from your home or commercial premises is later taken for recycling. Vonvil Junk values recycling of waste, and they advice their clients too on how to reuse items that appear useless and worthless.

Affordable; de-cluttering services offered by Vonvil Junk are affordable, compared to the good job they’ll do. The rates will often depend on the junk and waste at hand that needs being cleared. However, as a regular customer you can also arrange with them to charge you a standard price for all de-cluttering at the end of the month, regardless of the junk available.

Eco Friendly; Vonvil Junk has tailor made their de-cluttering services to ensure that everything is guided by the love for nature. From using recycled bins and gloves to collect any junk cluttering your compound, to not using any chemicals or harmful ways to dispose of the junk collected, Vonvil Junk has all these considerations at the core of their vision.

For more information about de-cluttering services offered by Vonvil Junk, just visit http://vonviljunk.co.uk/house-clearance-london/decluttering