UK Recycling Facts

By recycling day to day items around the home, you will not only reduce the amount of waste that you put into your rubbish bin, but it will help save energy and the environment as well with long term benefits.

The target for the United Kingdom is to recycle a minimum of fifty percent of its waste which will be a massive achievement.

We have in this post some quick fact about recycling in the UK and some may surprise you.

  1. An average household in Britain will throw out forty Kilogrammes of plastic that could be recycled into something else. Plastic also takes five hundred years to decompose so the more put to good use will benefit the environment.
  2. On average, sixty percent of your rubbish bin can be recycled. This will save you room in your bin whilst also caring for the environment. You just need to separate things to separate piles and put in the right containers provided by the local council for best results.
  3. We produce nearly three hundred million tonnes of waste every year in the UK with around twenty million coming from households. Forty three percent is recycled which is getting close to the fifty percent target.
  4. If a single bottle made from glass was recycled, it would save enough energy to run a computer for around half of an hour. If one single aluminium can be recycled, it will run an average television set for three hours. So this proves that these small changes can really make a difference.
  5. If every can that can be recycled in the UK was, then the country would need less dustbins that would run into the millions.

So to conclude, these little efforts will help and the more that you can do each day will help in the long term.

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