The Risks and Punishments for Fly Tipping in the UK

Fly tipping is the illegal disposal of waste. This involves disposing waste without a waste management licence. It could involve any quantity of waste, from a single black bag of waste to tones of waste. It can lead to pollution of land and waterways and its effects can be felt immediately.

Controlled waste applies to the general house hold. This includes domestic items like fridges and mattresses, garden refuse and commercial waste such as clinical waste, tyres and builders debris.

It is an offense when the waste is deposited in a way or place which is not allowed by a waste management license or is kept in a way that can cause pollution or harm to human health.

It is illegal to transport controlled waste without being registered under the Control of Pollution Act 1989 and there is a fixed penalty notice of up to £300 for failure to produce the registration documents on request. Any person who transports or handles controlled waste for profile without the business being registered cannot claim they were acting under their employers instructions.

The penalties for fly tipping depends on the category. For households, they face a fine if they do not ensure their waste is disposed of legally. A penalty of between £150 and £400 can be made against any householder who doesn’t comply. Their misdemeanours can include failing to follow collection arrangements, leaving waste out on the wrong day or time or in the wrong area. The local authority needs to ensure that collection arrangements are well publicised. There are also waste disposal sites and recycling centers where individuals can safely and legally dispose of their items.

For business, failing to show the require documentation as a legal waste carrier can lead to a fixed penalty of between £150 and £400. If a business doesn’t dispose of waste properly, this could also lead to a fine.

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