The Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos has been used in the building and construction trade for around 150 prior to in being banned due to the dangers of its fibres.

Asbestos fibres are extremely dangerous if get in the air they and breathed in. This can cause serious complications to people’s health and cause death in certain situations. This has affected plumbers, electricians and carpenter s to name a few.

asbestous danger

This happens when any material that has Asbestos in gets broken or damaged and these fibres are released into the air.

According to statistics, around twenty people every week die due to past exposure to Asbestos. Also, five thousand people each year die from exposure to this and this is much more than is killed on the roads.

Asbestos is usually found in residential or industrial buildings before the year 2000. This also applies to buildings that have been refurbished in this period as this material may have been used in the reconstruction.

Some of the damages that it cause are Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer and Pleural thickening.

If you work in the building trade you may run the risk of coming into contact with Asbestos.

If you have Asbestos that needs to be taken away safely, consult with your local waste removal company for some advice. Never handle Asbestos yourself and do not throw it out with your normal rubbish.