Summer is just around the corner – Time to start clearing your house

What to do with a house full of Junk?

Making more room in your house would benefit you in many ways, to even earn an extra income.  So, why not take some time from your busy schedule to get rid of that rubbish, to clear your house. Follow these simple steps to clear your house in a cost efficient and hassle-free manner. Vonvil Junk can help you with your house clearance any where in London.

1. Organising – Find a good time to organise

Take some time off from your busy schedule to plan your House Clearance to make sure that it will go smoothly as possible without any hassle.

2. Separate Valuable items from the items that you want to dispose and recycle.

Once you organise a time for the House Clearance, start separating the items that you wish to keep (to donate to charity or resell) and the other pieces of junk and unwanted items (old sofas, broken chairs,old beddings and curtains, old TV or any other DIY items that you want to clear). We can recommend some charity organisations that we work with.

Don’t forget to shred your confidential data if you have any such documents to include in the same clearance.

3. Estimating – Now it’s the time to estimate the amount of Junk.

Now you are pretty much done with your part of work and it’s the time to estimate the amount of junk you have. Here is a simple way to find out how much rubbish you have.

      • Step 1 – Compare the amount of rubbish to a space of a skip (eight yard skip that you see commonly outside of a domestic house)
      • Step 2 – Do you think your rubbish would fit into an eight-yard skip/six yard skip? You do not have to be specific in measuring, but you can tell your local Rubbish Clearance Company of the things you have in cubic yards as well. So you make sure that you pay only for the amount of rubbish you want to dispose.

4. Clearing & removing your Junk – Call up a Local Rubbish Clearance / House Clearance Company

It’s the time to arrange a booking with a Rubbish Clearance Company to do all the hard work for you from lifting to loading, which saves you time and money.

Things to consider when calling up a Rubbish Removal / Clearance Company

      1. Ensure that you find a Professional, Reliable and a licensed Rubbish Removal Company like Vonvil Junk
        You also can search for a rubbish removal company through sources like Thompson local, Yellow Pages
      2. Beware of ordinary Junk collectors – who are willing to offer you a very low or an exceptionally cheaper price, as these people would take your rubbish away but end up in fly tipping at bare lands. The Cost of disposing and recycling rubbish appropriately, and legally is relatively a cost-involving task, so it cannot be done for a cheaper price.
      3. Check for Compliance – Remember, it’s your duty to check for Compliance of the Company that you choose. Find out whether the company is:
      • Licensed for the type of work – Licensed waste carrier, Broker Dealer (Registered with environment agency)
        The company you choose should be registered with Environmental Agency as a licensed waste carrier, Broker Dealer (if so their License number should be displayed on their website but not the logo of the environment agency). This assures you that your junk /Rubbish will be disposed and recycled at authorised recycling centers in London.
      • Insured for the type of work – House Clearance/Rubbish Clearance
        Ensure that the Rubbish Clearance Company you choose is insured for the work they do (for Rubbish Clearance). This helps you to minimize the risk for any damage caused to your property during the time of the House Clearance job.
      • Health and Safety Requirements.
        Ensure that the company follows Health and Safety Procedures and policies by making sure that they are certified by SAFE Contractor or CHAS (which are UK’s leading Health and Safety Schemes)
      • Duty of Care Note
        Also make sure you receive an invoice and the “Duty of Care Note” for the House Clearance work they carried out for you on behalf to dispose and recycle the amount of rubbish they collected from your property.

It’s done – Relax

  • It’s done, so relax, your Rubbish Clearance Company will be taking all the waste to authorised recycling centers for disposing on your behalf.Now sit back and think how you can benefit yourself when you have an uncluttered organized house without a piece of junk. You can even rent your house to earn an extra income that would benefit you in many ways.