Some ideas of how you can keep your garden clean

The task of garden tending and ensuring that your garden remains beautiful is not something that you should take for granted. You should always put in place steps to ensure that your garden is maintained at all times by either calling in experts or doing it yourself. Here are a few ideas to get you going courtesy of our team of dedicated and experienced cleaners at Vonvil Junk.


Start by removing debris
After the rainy and windy season you are likely to find huge branches and even sticks in your garden. It is important that you start by clearing such debris out before getting down to the rest of the rubbish. Once you have collected it, you can either get a wood-chipper to help you mulch the debris or drop it off at the required location for collection.

The other thing you need to do is ensuring that the grass on the garden is getting enough sunlight. If there are too many dead leaves and other rubbish like twigs, go ahead and rake the garden. This is a fairly simple task that you can even do in the afternoon or evening as you wind down the day. Put the rubbish in bags and take it out to the collection point on the day the truck passes by your neighborhood.

Our expert cleaners point out that garden cleaning does not end at just gathering the rubbish; it involves trimming and pruning trees, hedges and bushes. Look around the garden and get rid of broken or damaged tree branches, prune overgrown hedges and remove those old and bad looking bushes and flowers. If you find that there are tree branches that you cannot reach, call our experts and they will help you out.

Replacing worn out trees and bushes
From time to time you find that there are trees and bushes in the garden that are no longer appealing to you. Such trees and bushes leave an unsightly gap once they have been cleared out. You can go ahead and replace them by first preparing the ground well, adding manure if necessary and then planting new ones.

Keeping your garden clean is something that you can do if you set your mind and time to the process. Make sure that you have the right tools for the job and sort the rubbish accordingly.