Embrace recycling and go ahead to be practical about it

At a time when global warming has become an issue that we cannot afford to ignore, Vonvil Junk has emerged as a champion in recycling. We clear all forms of waste within London, but more importantly, we also recycle most of the waste we collect. This is because we understand that recycling is an effective way of making use of waste material, and also preserving the environment at the same time.

Every time you call us to come clear rubbish from your home, office, commercial property, or wherever, we start by sending in our qualified team of experts. These experts are well versed on the best way to dispose each type of rubbish. Once they have accessed the rubbish available, the next step is to sort it. We put aside the items from the rubbish that can be recycled. This may include plastics, cans, broken furniture, damaged TVs and computers, fridges, and so on so forth.

Having sorted the recyclable items and materials from your rubbish, the next thing that we do is to transport it to a recycling plant. Our many years in offering rubbish clearance services mean that we have come to know and build a working relationship with most recycling plants within London. While you may desire to have old items recycled, you may not know exactly how to go about it or where to get recycling plants. But when you leave it to us, we easily find a recycling plant that utilizes the rubbish present.

The same recycling plant that utilizes old electronics may not be the same one that recycles plastics, or cans. That’s why when you hire Vonvil Junk, you spare your time and energy and let us distribute the rubbish to the appropriate recyclers.

Vonvil Junk understands the value of recycling, and its benefits to the environment. Therefore, if you’re looking for a rubbish removal company that does a reliable job, but also has its services hinged on eco friendly principles, then we are your company of choice. Most clients are pleasantly surprised to learn that even the polythene bags and bins we offer our clients to put rubbish in, are made from recycled materials.

Thus we lead by example, we advice our clients to embrace recycling and go ahead to be practical about it.