Why Recycle Glass Around the Home

Glass is used in a number of products in and around the home on a daily basis from drinks bottles, jars and light bulbs because it is very versatile. Sometimes you will have no more use for these items but it does not meant it can be used elsewhere. It is far better to recycle it so it can be used for years to come in another shape and form.

There are many things that glass can be recycled and turned into. For instance abrasives, AstroTurf, and fiberglass products can all be made from your  old items. Glass does not decompose so it makes sense to reuse it rather that just throw it away.

By recycling glass there are many benefits to the environment. For instance, reusing will reduce energy consumption, conserve raw materials and if glass is crushed it will save space in landfills.

You may not know this but the clean and shiny glass that you see on your shop shelves may have been recycled multiple times before over the last twenty years.

By creating new glass products, there is an increase in the release of carbon dioxide in the air. Approximately 315 kilogrammes of this can be saved by simply reusing the material that has been already made.

You can take your waste glass to a local recycle point and many have bottle banks that are separated by colour. The reason for this is that glass can only be recycled in to the colour that is was originally made into. For instance, you will not be able to change brown glass into clear as it is permanent.

Next to a bottle bank you will normally have containers that you can recycle other things like paper, card, and plastic.