How to pick a good house clearance company?

Moving houses can be a daunting task. With lots of things to arrange, pack, decide what to donate and dispose off; it comes as no surprise that most people will choose to hire a house clearance company to do this task on their behalf.

So how do you pick a good house clearance company?


Here are a few tips;

  • Licensing – Ensure the house clearance company is licensed and is authorized by the local authority to carry out clearance and disposal services. This is important to ensure that the correct methods of collection and disposal are followed.
  • Choose an established company. A company that is resgistered and is professional will have a website, contact numbers and email addresses. They value feedback and they know that it is important to have avenues where people can call, email and reach them. These days a growing number of businesses realize that a high number of people are looking for goods and series online and they have social media pages and handles for this.
  • Client list – A good company keeps a client list and keeps track of their client database. They will have the names and numbers of their clients and they will be able to share this information with you, upon request. They would have to contact the clients in advance but this won’t stop them from sharing feedback and referrals from happy clients.
  • Proper work methods – A good company invests in their team and their business. Their staff should have the right uniforms and protective clothing to do their job well. They should also have the right tools and equipment to work safely and efficiently. When they arrive at your premise, they should have everything they need to do the job well and to completion without interruptions.
  • Knowledge – A good house clearance company is efficient in their job. They know what needs to be done, can advice you on better clearance ways and methods and will always give you value for your money and more.
  • Professional – A company that understands their clients will always ensure they treat their clients with courtesy and professionally.
  • Recycling – Companies that have good work ethic are also conscious about environment conservation methods and are keen on recycling. This means that most of the waste they collect will be recycled and they will ensure the waste goes to recycling centres to conserve the environment


These tips will help you pick a good clearance company for all your clearance needs.