Fluorescent Tube Disposal & Recycling

Fluorescent Tube Disposal & Recycling Services in London

Are you looking for a Fluorescent Tube Disposal & Recycling Service in the city of London? Then  Vonvil Junk has the solution for you. With years of experience in the waste removal industry in London, our staff members are fully trained to undertake every job they’ve been sent by the management.

Disposing and recycling of tubes & bulbs has become one of the most cost effective as well as an environmentally friendly act. So you know you must dispose them the right way.  Vonvil Junk encourages their customers to dispose and recycle unwanted fluorescent tubes and bulbs according to the waste regulations introduced in the year 2005.

Also for more details about our commercial waste collection services in London, you can check the services tab on the navigation of this website. It’s our goal to provide you the most reliable clearance experience no matter what level of service you take from us.

So if you are looking for Fluorescent Tube Disposal in London, do contact us today and we will get the job done for you fast leaving your location clean and tidy.