Wait and Load rubbish Removal

We offer wait and load rubbish removal services for trade customers.

Wait and load services are designed for trade / business customers with employees on site who perform the loading of rubbish to our vehicles. At Vonvil Junk, we always design our services to match your requirements and waste clearance needs.

The “wait and load” service is designed mainly for building-construction or refurbishment companies that want to remove their on-site rubbish easily and in a hassle free manner. Your on-site staff can do the loading while we wait. Thus, unlike our other services, “wait and load rubbish removal” does not include labour. Vonvil Junk helps many site construction and refurbishment companies across London by providing wait-and-load rubbish removal services, especially where there are difficulties in hiring skips and locations with parking restrictions.


Our Wait and Load Rubbish Removal in London

  • Unlike our other services, “Wait and Load rubbish removal” does not include labour.
  • You do the loading while we wait.
  • Call us now to remove waste on your construction sites with the help of your on-site staff.
  • We designed our services to match your rubbish-clearance requirements, so do not hesitate to use our “wait and load rubbish removal” service for any type of commercial and domestic rubbish-removal needs.
  • We provide same day rubbish clearance and weekend service without any extra charges.