Commercial Clearance London

Save energy and protect the environment by disposing of your commercial waste legally and in an environmentally friendly manner. Vonvil Junk provides commercial waste clearance  in London for many businesses and organisations across London. We offer our services to many of London’s leading property-maintenance firms, management companies, estate agents, housing associations, pest-control companies, construction and refurbishment companies in London. We even work as contractors and subcontractors for leading estate agencies in clearing waste for their clients, landlords, and tenants.


As a business, it is your “duty of care” to produce, store, transport, and dispose of your waste without damaging the environment and human health. (This standard exists according to the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 and the Environmental Protection Act on “Duty of Care” Regulations, 1991.) As waste producers, all businesses have this duty of care to ensure that their commercial waste is disposed of legally and appropriately, yet cost efficiently. Fortunately, VonvilJunk has designed its services to suit your business’s waste-clearance requirements. We will provide you with a hasslefree wasteclearance service by which you can dispose of your waste legally, ethically, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

As a professional waste clearance service provider, Vonvil Junk ensures professional, high-quality service. We have standard procedures in place, from the start to the end of the clearance process, to provide you with a hassle-free and professional waste clearance service.

Vonvil Junk guarantees the deliverability of standard professional services to clear and remove your waste or unwanted items anywhere on your business premises.

We know the value of receiving a professional yet hassle-free service as a business or a co-operate customer in this fastgrowing business world.

Benefits of Using Vonvil Junk Commercial Waste Clearance Services

  • Professional and hassle-free waste clearance and removal service to suit your business / commercial waste clearance needs.
  • We provide same day service with NO extra charges.
  • We provide discountable rates for our business and loyal customers.
  • • Professional and superb quality service from both our internal and external operative staff from the start to finish of your commercial rubbish clearance process.
  • We are fully insured and fully licensed with the Environment Agency, and we carry your waste to licensed recycling centres for recycling on your behalf.
  • We will visit your sites free of charge to provide price quotations for large jobs. We also provide you with written-price quotations so that you will have a clear understanding of the estimated quantity of rubbish and removal cost.