How to Save Energy and Be Green

If we all done a little bit every day for the environment, it will help the planet last longer and help the future generation by preserving energy.


Modern day to day living is busy and it can be easy to forget or miss things, but with a little care and attention we can make all the difference.

Here are some small tips for you to help do your bit daily to help the environment and save a little cash.

Electrical items should be unplugged when not in use, especially over night as it will save energy and reduce the cost of your electrical bill slightly.

Buying energy saving lightbulbs will take use less energy and last a lot longer than a regular light bulb.

When buying electronic equipment, it is wise to invest in a quality item as it will last a lot longer. This will save you having to dispose it quickly in the future. When you have finished with your electrical equipment, you will need to dispose of it ethically and use a licenced waste disposal company to recycle it for you.

Plastic is a problem as is it does not decompose for hundreds of years so you should try to avoid buying bottled water as it produces lots of plastic waste. You could buy a water filter and filter your tap water.