How to Keep Your House Cool without rubbish

Where there are humans dwelling, there will always be rubbish. The larger the family, the more the rubbish; even living alone will inevitably lead to some rubbish being generated.  If not correctly handled, rubbish often invites rodents and other pests, and diseases in extreme cases. It’s thus important that you have a clear and functional strategy to help you in managing your rubbish. Remember, a house that’s untidy and with rubbish all over is not a place anyone feels okay being in. A clean, tidy one on the other hand is welcoming and ideal for relaxation.

So how do you keep your house cool without rubbish?

First and foremost, start by looking as effective waste management as a lifestyle, rather than a task! This means that you have to adopt a lifestyle that is responsible and always constant in its handling of rubbish. In that regard, this applies not just to you, but to those sharing the house with you like your children. Teach them to embrace the same lifestyle. Every time they come across rubbish in the kitchen, on the dining table, bathroom, or wherever, they should always put it in the rubbish bins. All rubbish within the household should always be inside the rubbish bin; this is always the first step towards keeping your house cool without rubbish.

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Next, make a habit of regularly emptying your home rubbish bins. At most, the bins should always be empties after every 2 days if they are located indoors. This is to avoid any stenches emanating once the rubbish starts rotting. Usually, one is advised to place the smaller bins inside the house, and a larger one outside the house; you can empty the smaller bins into the larger one daily, which is then cleared weekly or when full. You should have bins in the kitchen and along the house’s corridors.

Lastly, make a point of organizing monthly or bi monthly thorough cleaning exercises in your household. You can include your children in order to make it even more fun. Such a general cleaning will see you clear the loft, basement, garage, and basically ensure that you get rid of any junk that’s no longer needed. Doing so keeps your house fresh and well aerated, even ensuring that your rubbish levels for tomorrow are kept at a minimum low. While at the cleaning, you can also sort out the items that could perhaps be taken for recycling or those that can be reused. Recycling and reusing are also ways of keeping your house free of any rubbish. In some instances, old and damaged items that may very easily qualify to be called rubbish, can be repaired and sold at reduced prices.


Always view rubbish removal and clearance as a lifestyle rather than a task to be accomplished. You will need a level of discipline to maintain that lifestyle; but once you do, you’ll always find yourself living in clean and tidy space at all times.