How to Improve your Recycling at Work

Did you know that it is estimated that businesses in the United Kingdom could save over £6 billion if they improved on the waste that they use their resources and was more careful on how they recycled.

workplace recycling

Recycling is not just for the home and there are many benefits for being able to do this. You will create less waste, save the company some money and it is quite simple to set up.

You can find a service provider that will help you with storage containers and a collection service.

You can promote recycling around the workplace through email and posters informing staff of how they can help, where to recycle and what can be put in certain containers. Locate your containers in a place that staff can easily find and get to encourage as much as possible.

You can also collect unwanted items for charity if they are still in working order and will benefit someone else.

There are also other things that you can do in order to cut the amount of waste down drastically. These include

  • Using mugs and glasses instead of throw-away plastic which will build up very quickly
  • Use only recycled paper in the office, most companies will offer this option
  • Reduce the amount of paper that you use by printing on both sides
  • Refill or recycle your printer ink cartridges rather than keep buying new ones that produce more waste
  • Try to find an office supplier that offers recycled products, for instance stationary

By using less and buying more environmentally friendly products you are well on your way to doing your bit for the planet. For any recycling advice or rubbish removal tips, please get in contact with us today.