How to Dispose of Solid Waste

There are several methods of disposing of solid waste that all involve collecting, transporting and the disposal or recycling or these items.

We will go through a few of these methods in this article and outline the most popular.


Organic materials like vegetable peelings, grass cutting and similar items can be turned into compost which can then be used in your garden to help the plants once complete.

Minimising Waste

Obviously, the less waste that there is to get rid of the better for the environment in the long run. This is why we are encouraged to recycle and re-use as much as possible.

Combustion or Incineration

This will involve burning material and turn it into gaseous products. This is done at a very high temperature and has many advantages for instance the need for space to store the waste. Sometimes this process is called thermal treatment and is use widely around the world.

Recycling and Recovery method

You can convert some materials into useable fuel electricity and heat. By using this method there will be no energy use and will not need any raw material to make brand new products.

You are able to do your bit at home also by reducing the amount that you throw out. You can also buy products that have less packaging in the future which will also help.