How A Green Lifestyle Can Make For A Great Move

In the last 10 years, the effects of global warming have been more evident to mankind than at any other time in history. From rising sea levels to melting glaciers in the arctic and poles, the flooding and droughts across the world; these are phenomenon that are occurring with unprecedented frequency. In light of the above, the world has had to advocate for the embracing of green lifestyles. Green lifestyle is more than just recycling, and keeping off from polythene bags. Rather, like the name suggests, it is a holistic approach towards helping conserve the environment! Adopting a green lifestyle will not just make the environmental healthier; it also impacts your life in a very positive way.

Hand holding eco house

  • Did you know that adopting a green lifestyle is one way of keeping fit? London residents are increasingly being urged to prefer to green ways of going to the work places, like riding a bike or walking. Thus, rather than rely on your car or a bus to drive 2 Kms to work, it would be very healthier to walk or cycle; good cardiovascular exercise.

  • Secondly, you are also able to save money because your energy bills also reduce. One way of embracing a green lifestyle is by ensuring that yo switch off the lights in your house when not in use. During the day time, it is better to open the curtains and let natural light filter in, compared to relying on artificial lighting like bulbs. The same case applies for water. Never waste water by dancing and showering for over 20 minutes with water running. 5 minutes is enough. It helps you save not just your energy bills, but precious time too.

  • In this day and age, going green is even somewhat of a fashion statement. There are trendy and awesome shopping bags made of recycled materials or natural materials like reeds. By using these kind of bags, you are demonstrating that you stand on the side of the environment, that you are leading by example when it comes to going green. Some stores and major shopping franchises are actually phasing out the traditional plastic bags they’d use to wrap items, and replacing them with more eco friendly ones.

  • Strict adherents of green lifestyles are actually vegetarians. Why? They argue that meat consumption harms the environment more than other foods because its preparation requires much energy, same for its digestion. Not that meat, especially red meat is very healthy after all. Doctors recommend that we opt for more natural foods like plants and fruits. How much energy would you need to prepare 1kg of meat? And how much did it cost the environment to yield that energy? Is it worth it really in the long term, is it sustainable? These are some of the questions that motivate green lifestyle enthusiasts.




Embracing a green lifestyle demonstrates great commitment to leading in the fight towards conserving Mother Nature. It’s full of benefits not just for the environment, but also to you as the individual.