Garden Waste Guidance

Garden waste can be transformed into compost that can be re-used in your garden to help your plants and flowers.

compost heaps

You can use grass cuttings, tree bark, leave and hedge cuttings to name a few. If are doing this at home, you can buy a compost container from your local DIY store, this will also save waste in your waste bin.

If you do not have the room to make compost at home you should be able take it to garden waste recycling point. If you do not know where this is, you should contact your local council to find out where it is located. If you are taking it to a local recycling centre, be sure to use strong bags that will not tear and be careful not to overload as the will split and make things difficult.

Some councils will provide special bins and bags just for garden waste and it is estimated the up to ninety four percent of councils in the UK take away garden waste for residents, how much they allow for will depend on each area though.

The process of composting at home is different to what happens at a composting site. Any items that are not able to turn into compost are removed. It is then left outside to rot down in the open air.

If you have a large amount of garden waste to removal and need recycled, just get in touch with us for some friendly helpful advice.