The best garden rubbish clearance service provider – VonvilJunk

Clearing your Garden Rubbish

As a matter of fact, most people don’t have much time for their gardens during winter. The gardens tend to be neglected during this time but this should not always be the case. Vonvil Junk is your number one garden rubbish clearance service provider. We trim any branches that have overgrown, before thinning out any buds that have started to overgrow. Our services are reliable, and eco friendly. For instance, our garden clearance team will store the pruned and trimmed branches into a compost pit, where they rot and form manure that you can later use on the same garden! This thus helps you save money you’d have spent in future buying manure.

Just sit back and relax, give us a call today and let our garden clearance team do all the hard work for you. We’ll clear your garden and leave it looking tidy and welcoming, and more importantly, dispose of the waste in a very environmental friendly way.