Electronic Waste Management Approaches

Electronic waste is also referred t as E-waste and comprises of all waste that includes electrical appliances. More often, it includes old or damaged TVs, Mobile phones, computers, and such like items. The thing you need to know with electronic waste management is that the approaches you pick must all be in line with the set rules and regulations. Most cities have strict rules on the proper disposal of electronic waste. Why is this? This is because most E-waste contains hazardous elements that harm the environment when wrongly disposed. For instance, mobile phone batteries contain lead and can easily explode if exposed to fires. Others contain mercury that is very dangerous if consumed by humans.

  1. Each year, over 1.2 tons of electronic waste is generated in the UK alone. Most of it consists of TV sets that have been damaged, mobile phones, refrigerators, computers, etc. Before throwing such items away, one is always advised to check keenly and see what can be salvaged, and what can’t. Most of the electrical waste that people throw away can be repaired and reused, or even resold. Others can be donated if they are not in such a bad state.

  2. One of the greatest mistakes that most people do is throwing away their electronics, without taking time to delete their personal details and information. We are living in an era where your personal details and bank details can easily be accessed by anyone who has your phone or computer. Thus, always make effort to delete all your passwords and account details before throwing away any electronics. Even for a computer or laptop that appears to be dead can be easily repaired and all your data accessed. If you’re unsure, always get a trusted waste collection company that will assure you that none of the data in the electronic waste can be later reused.

  3. There are programs that you can use to delete all your data from your mobile phones and computers before disposal.

  4. When disposing of batteries, always be cautious as these can easily cause a safety hazard. Batteries from clocks, laptops, flashlights, can easily explode of cause fires if they come into contact. When it comes to car batteries, these too should be handled with care. Be careful as the acid contained in the battery can burn your skin or clothes.


  5. It is also very important like aforementioned, to ensure that you are well acquainted with the local laws and bylaws that cover E-waste disposal. You can get fined heavily for improper disposal of electronics waste. If you are unsure, get in touch with a reputable waste clearance company that handles electronics waste.

  6. Finally, make use of the internet; the internet is full of crucial information that will help you not just in disposing of E-waste, but also on sorting it. By the time you are calling in the removal company, you should have sorted all the electronics and put aside that can be repaired, donated, or recycled.