Disposing of Car Tyres

Old car tyres are one of the most problematic things to dispose of once the tyre is no longer legal to use on the road. As tyres are in day to day use, the amount that are discarded and no longer useable is vast.


The recycling of tyres in recent years has moved forward and this has resulted in less people dumping them which causes a mess, obstructions and a potential hazard.

The reason that they are such a problem is because they are very well made because they have to have durability and they are also non-biodegradable.

Some tyres can actually be re-treaded to prolong their life and delay the time that they may be useable.

Tyre contain metal also as well as the rubber. The metal rim can be separated with no problem. Once recycled, a tyre can be used as certain fuels, completely new rubber products, children’s play area surfaces or just simply made into new tyres.

There are many things that you can do with an old tyre and you can even make indoor furniture with it and nobody would even know. You will need to put your creative hat on! Here is a good website

that shows the possibilities of what you can do with a little time and creative thoughts.

You can find out in more detail the laws in the United Kingdom by clicking here.