Create a Rubbish Free Town, Let Us Help You

London has in the recent past witnessed an explosive growth rate, with more and more settling people settling in this great city. However, the increase of people settling here has come with its fair share of challenges. Rubbish removal has become a necessity, what with the numerous households and apartments that require these services. Vonvil Junk is one of the leading rubbish removal companies in London that is in the frontline leading towards having a rubbish free town, or city if you like. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our city remains clean, and that all rubbish is disposed of correctly.


House clearance; do you need to have a house cleared of all rubbish and junk? We help you do just that by offering affordable rubbish and junk removal services. Whether it is clearing a house of old clothes, toys, kitchen utensils, forgotten items in the loft, name it; we’ll clear all that from your house, and dispose it far away in an eco friendly way.

Commercial clearance; London, with its numerous commercial complexes can prove quite tricky for the owner to clear such a premises of rubbish. Vonvil Junk however are experts in commercial junk removal, whether it is in an office, or in a whole building, we have the ability to clear all rubbish from such. Our company will even arrange with commercial building owners, to have rubbish bins placed strategically around the building. This is a great way to reduce littering of rubbish around the premises. Bins also make the compiling and collection of rubbish easier. We can be emptying those bins on a weekly basis or 2 times a week, depending on what we agree.

Construction Rubbish Clearance; if you are putting up a building in the heart of London, or in the outskirts, you can feel very excited about completing the new structure. But upon completion, you realize that you’ll have to find a way to clear and dispose of the rubbish and junk lying all around. Where would you start? Well, again, we help you keep the city clean by offering clearance on construction sites. From broken pieces of wood, to nails, iron sheets, and all other junk to be found in a construction site, you can rely on us to help you out.

Garden clearance; a tidy, well taken care of garden is a sight to behold. On the other hand, an untidy one with rubbish all over is an eye sore, and an embarrassment in a major town like London. Vonvil Junk offers garden rubbish clearance services. Our team has the tools required to gently collect and clear rubbish from your garden without messing up with your plants or flowers. Often, we advise our clients on clearing rubbish from their gardens before winter sets in because when it does, clearing the garden becomes trickier than say, during spring.