Business Waste Regulations in the United Kingdom

Every business and industry are responsible for disposing and managing their waste responsibly, and that is why the government in the UK has come up with laws for waste regulations.  By following the laws, businesses can recycle and decrease waste accumulation.

Here are UK Business Waste Regulations

  • Vehicles: End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and old tires are classified as waste. Therefore, any business treating these type of vehicles must get permission from their local authority. Those taking apart and disposing of these vehicles must reuse tires or follow regulations that limit environmental impact.
  • Packaging: If a packaging business handles or supplies more than 50 tons of packing material or their turnover exceeds £2 million, then they are required by law to register with the Environmental They must also ensure they recover and recycle a portion of their products.
  • Electronics and electrical equipment: Companies selling electronics are required to provide customers with a method on how to dispose of, reuse or recycle their old electronic equipment. This law applies whether the business sells this equipment directly or indirectly.
  • Batteries: all companies dealing with selling or buying batteries must have a collection point. This regulation covers batteries used in devices such as mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, torches, handheld vacuums, laptops, and watches. The collection point within the business applies to all who sell batteries either online, by telephone and mail. Click here for more advice on this.

All business generate waste. By following the UK business waste regulations which focus on reduction and proper waste disposal as well as recycling, each UK Company can reduce damage to the environment as well as boost their profits.

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