Why you should hire a professional rubbish removal company to clean your house

Unwanted clutter in a home is a big issue. As a homeowner, unwanted, damaged on broken items are always piling up. Trying to figure out if an item is recyclable, hazardous or simply just junk can be confusing.


Not to mention, you will then have to load everything into your vehicle and drive over to the nearest dump site or tip which may not be close to your area of residence. Repeated trips mean greater fuel consumption and a dirty car as a by-product.

This is where professional rubbish removal companies come in. They can help make the job of hauling sorting and properly disposing of your rubbish in a legal and safe way.

Rubbish removal companies have specially trained teams who will first visit your site and assess the amount and scope of the rubbish removal task at hand. Identify any toxic or hazardous materials and even assess what can be recycled. Several companies have even gone high-tech with the ability to send in photos or breakdown of your rubbish for instant quotes.

Next they will send a team with the proper equipment to undertake the task. Depending on the volume of rubbish, the refuse can usually be hauled away in a matter of hours.

Now you are left with clean and empty storerooms or extra space you had lost to rubbish accumulation.

Rubbish Removal UK

Areas of domestic rubbish removal such companies cover are surprisingly wide ranging, they include:

Garage Clearance – garages are probably one of the easiest places for excess rubbish to accumulate and be forgotten. It’s a space outside the main house and apart from the car there is space for storage. You only have to look at those TV shows about hoarders to realise that rubbish and unwanted goods can accumulate fast in a garage space.

Decluttering – it’s a tough task, you may think every item will eventually have a use or have odd bits and ends you believe came from something important. Or you simply lost track and you now have stuffy house full of items you do not know what to do with. Rubbish removal companies have experts who can come and assess and advise how to streamline your possessions and remove unwanted items. This is a great way to relieve home stress and shape and efficient home environment.

Void property clearance – domestic rubbish removal also includes services for realtors and property agents. Void properties that have been seized, considered derelict or hazardous or even simply tenants overstaying their leases need to be cleaned and cleared for the safety of the surrounding community. 

Rubbish removal companies are vital asset in this endeavor and can have a property cleaned up fast and efficiently, making it fit for reletting.

Recycling White Goods – white goods are heavy and very difficult to dispose of when they eventually break. Plus, washing machines, fridges etc are very difficult to transport in family vehicles due to their size. A professional removal service will help take such items off your hands, dismantle them safely, dispose of any accumulated hazardous waste inside them and recycle the components.

As can be seen, rubbish removal companies can be  an invaluable asset in decluttering, cleaning and safely disposing of domestic rubbish, making sure home environments are clean, safe and stress free.

The Timeline: Rubbish collection by The Independent

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This is practicing from 3000BC to present.



Electronic Waste Management Approaches

Electronic waste is also referred t as E-waste and comprises of all waste that includes electrical appliances. More often, it includes old or damaged TVs, Mobile phones, computers, and such like items. The thing you need to know with electronic waste management is that the approaches you pick must all be in line with the set rules and regulations. Most cities have strict rules on the proper disposal of electronic waste. Why is this? This is because most E-waste contains hazardous elements that harm the environment when wrongly disposed. For instance, mobile phone batteries contain lead and can easily explode if exposed to fires. Others contain mercury that is very dangerous if consumed by humans.

  1. Each year, over 1.2 tons of electronic waste is generated in the UK alone. Most of it consists of TV sets that have been damaged, mobile phones, refrigerators, computers, etc. Before throwing such items away, one is always advised to check keenly and see what can be salvaged, and what can’t. Most of the electrical waste that people throw away can be repaired and reused, or even resold. Others can be donated if they are not in such a bad state.

  2. One of the greatest mistakes that most people do is throwing away their electronics, without taking time to delete their personal details and information. We are living in an era where your personal details and bank details can easily be accessed by anyone who has your phone or computer. Thus, always make effort to delete all your passwords and account details before throwing away any electronics. Even for a computer or laptop that appears to be dead can be easily repaired and all your data accessed. If you’re unsure, always get a trusted waste collection company that will assure you that none of the data in the electronic waste can be later reused.

  3. There are programs that you can use to delete all your data from your mobile phones and computers before disposal.

  4. When disposing of batteries, always be cautious as these can easily cause a safety hazard. Batteries from clocks, laptops, flashlights, can easily explode of cause fires if they come into contact. When it comes to car batteries, these too should be handled with care. Be careful as the acid contained in the battery can burn your skin or clothes.


  5. It is also very important like aforementioned, to ensure that you are well acquainted with the local laws and bylaws that cover E-waste disposal. You can get fined heavily for improper disposal of electronics waste. If you are unsure, get in touch with a reputable waste clearance company that handles electronics waste.

  6. Finally, make use of the internet; the internet is full of crucial information that will help you not just in disposing of E-waste, but also on sorting it. By the time you are calling in the removal company, you should have sorted all the electronics and put aside that can be repaired, donated, or recycled.

Looking After Your Garden With A Garden Clearance

The condition of your garden speaks a lot about your home, as well as your personality. When visitors come to your premises, the first thing they see is the garden. It is thus proper to say that your garden will have a larger impact to your guests than what they will find in the living room or visitors lobby. Whether it is a home garden, or one next to a commercial premises, truth is that you must constantly ensure that the garden is well looked after. How do you do this? Well, it is easily said than done. Keeping your garden neat and tidy is not that easy. There are nylon bags, junk, leaves that fall from trees, and other forms of rubbish that you have to constantly get rid of. And although it is something one can manage, there are advantages to hiring a garden clearance company.


  1. The good thing about hiring a garden clearance company is that such is likely to have the tools and equipment needed to keep the garden neat. This includes tools for trimming hedges, collecting trimmed branches, gloves, and so o so forth. As a home owner, you may not have these tools and even if you did, they may not be as sharpened and ready for work as those from a clearance company.

  2. Garden clearance companies also have a lot of experience in clearing gardens, both large and small. The experience includes tips and tricks like using the same waste that is in the garden constructively. Trimmed branches and hedges are best used to mulch your garden and help your plants retain moisture content. Most garden owners make the mistake of burning such trimmed branches, which causes much air pollution and damages the living organisms on soil.

  3. Most garden clearance companies tend to do it long term. Thus, once you plan and agree, the clearance company will be clearing the garden on agreed intervals. This could be weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. This means that you can rest assured that someone is keeping an eye on the garden; it enables you to worry and think of other things. Some clearance companies will even send their teams to your premises when you’re away, just to ensure that the garden is well kept.

  4. Some garden clearance companies have invested in experts who’ll not just keep the garden clean, but also advise you on how to keep your plants healthy. This could be by suggesting the right spac9ing of your plants, what fertilizers to use. Others can even recommend eco friendly ways of keeping of pests. Basically, you should always seek to find out what is exactly encompassed in the garden clearance services being offered.

A quick search on the internet should help you narrow down your search on the best garden clearance company near you. Such should have a website where you can learn about their services. Their contacts should also be available online so you can call or drop an email to make any enquiries you may have.

How to create a better waste management plan

A waste management plan is an inscribed record which contains what should be done to ensure that the goals that have been set for managing waste are attained. Waste management has several advantages, the most important one being the lowering of costs through ensuring that businesses and people become more efficient at using their resources. This is however made possible with the use of a waste management plan. Proper Waste management plan is very crucial in ensuring that rubbish is disposed in a more proper style to mitigate against the negative impacts caused by such waste materials. Waste management involves grabbing every opportunity to turn waste products into resources that are usable and less harmful to the environment and to the people who reside in the world. A better waste management plan should be able to explain its objectives, resources available for achieving those objectives and the efficient methods to utilize those resources in order to meet these goals.

Vonvil Junk, a London based waste disposal firm, is one of few in London, UK, that is best known for its highly effective waste management operations. They have a very effective waste management plan which they use to ensure that they meet their objectives hence avoiding disappointing their clients and the society at large. Through their waste management plan they provide the best services and waste management practices.

 Steps necessary for developing better waste management plan

Waste disposal companies such as Vonvil Junk provide reliable, simple and clear steps for creating a better waste management plan that guide them in their day to day waste management operations:

1.Setting goals and objectives

A better waste management should have two categories of goals:

  1. Strategic goals; which are a business’s whole objective for its waste management.
  2. Immediate goals; which are implementable steps which are taken to realize the overall objectives of the waste management plan.

This goals and objectives are important because they aid a business to focus its time and energy to achieve proper waste management methods.

2.Figuring out waste streams

The second step for creating a better waste management plan entails figuring out the types of waste that are being produced and also determining the amount of waste being generated day in day out. Conducting a waste audit is very important in determining the waste streams of a business.

3.Determining the best waste management methods

Once a business determines its waste streams, the types and quantity of waste it generates, it can begin to choose the best waste management methods specifically for all of its waste streams. Single service providers such as Vonvil Junk are ideal for providing all of these services effectively for a business.

4.Monitoring and evaluation

Businesses should periodically monitor and improve their waste management in order to check whether their waste management plans are up to par for achieving their needs. This is because their waste streams are prone to experience changes over time.

Need aid in creating a better waste management plan? Vonvil Junk is one of the best companies for developing it. Hence businesses should contact and seek the services of Vonvil Junk for better waste management practices.

Can we guarantee a sustainable future with effective product recycle?

Product recycling

Recycling can be described as the process of giving new use or life to the waste materials and by products of everyday life, whether in use at home at or the work place, or commercially in industrial processes.

Product recycling is now a culture in modern times and many world organizations see it as mandate in order to manage waste, conserve the environment and for energy efficiency.

VonvilJunk being a company specialized in this, gives the guarantee that our wastes will be of beneficial use to the people, conserving the environment and offering employment as well as earning profit.



Sustainability explains a scenario where an environment or ecological niche is able to maintain its vibrancy, life and natural resources comfortably. Even with rise in population, scarcity of resources and industrial growth, a specific environment can remain sustainable if systems within it are set up to allow for the available resources to cater for the life within it without strain.

With regards to recycling, Vonvil Junk is able to ensure sustainability since it allows for the recycling of waste products hence waste management as new products are created form the disposed waste.
Effective product recycling and future sustainability

All of Vonvil Junk’s procedures and efforts are aimed at ensuring the removal of rubbish, waste products easily and per the requirements of the law. They offer the services across London for clients who find it difficult to effectively dispose or recycle their waste.
All this is to ensure that the environment is self-sustaining, no new material is required into the ecosystem since rubbish and waste products are reused or recycled into new and useful products. Environmental degradation is minimized and the natural resources are never depleted. Energy is conserved since there are no industrial processes that occur to make new materials for use.

It is believed that the best way to effectively manage rubbish and reduce waste is not create it. But this rarely happens, waste is a part of life. Vonvil Junk comes in exclusively for this purpose so that any waste created is properly handled and managed, hassle-free for the clients they serve.

Effective product recycling resonates on the practices of companies such as VonvilJunk. Pollution is reduced to a large extent when it occurs. There is no need to harness new raw materials and natural resources from the environment. This is turn saves a lot of energy, reduces greenhouse emissions from industrial processes hence the environment is maintained to sustain the present and the future. Products are used to their full potential, to their maximum capabilities and extent. This ensures a product completes its life cycle and in the end no threat is posed to the environment and the atmosphere.


The question in everyone’s mouth, ‘What does the future hold for us?’ With the advent of modern technology, science has created harmful products such as plastics, it is in the hands of the people and companies such as VonvilJunk to ascertain our future, that the environment will comfortably sustain itself with positive interventions.

How to effectively reduce food waste generation


Globally speaking, food waste occurs all over. It occurs where food is in abundance and where food is scarce. From production to supply to consumption, the food industry experiences a lot of waste that needs to be controlled. This allows for food security, food reach to all corners of the globe and food waste is properly managed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


A company like Vonvil Junk is in the high ranks among the lead parties to ascertain food waste management is done effectively and efficiently so that minimal waste is produced. If there is any waste, it is in the power of these stakeholders to ensure that the waste food is minimal and is channeled using the proper procedures to the places where they serve the best purpose in the recycling chain.
Food waste management and the food recovery hierarchy
In order to properly manage food waste, it is advisable to follow the food recovery hierarchy. Vonvil Junk is actively advocating for this consideration in its strategies where mitigation to curb the prevalent issue of too much wasted food is done. This occurs in areas of service and jurisdiction, mainly London and parts of Northern England.
Their main drive or goal concerning food, as with other products is to ensure that it is produced in the appropriate and exact volume to minimize waste. This is the best solution to all waste and recycling problems but more often than not it is impractical. Food will always be produced in excess or in inadequate amounts. Hence waste will always be there.
The waste from food is properly handled and reduced using the top tier level of the food recovery hierarchy where the surplus food is used to feed those in the society who lack it. This ensures that waste food is reduced since the surplus is utilized positively, to cater for the less privileged.


Waste food is reduced when the surplus food and food by products that are not edible get incorporated into animal feeds and hence promote agriculture. Food scraps are diverted to become edibles for the animals. This reduces food wastage and it is for a good agricultural cause.
Food, its contents and by products can be incorporated in industrial processes. It is therefore advisable to use surplus content from food production in the industries for increase in manufacturing. These could be products such as oils for fuel production which results in energy creation for the industrial processes. Companies like Vonvil Junk are involved in this and supply these products to the relevant industries.

Composting also reduces waste food. This process actually provides the nutrients required to produce more food. Manure results from waste food that is applied to soils for enrichment and growth of new food crops. Hence recycling and revitalizing the agricultural sector.
Finally, on the hierarchy, the worst possible road to take but still an option to manage waste food is the landfills. This entails disposal of surplus and waste food to areas referred to as landfills. These areas tend to smell and attract rodents and bacteria. Some landfills are incinerated to efficiently dispose the waste. This is the last resort to food waste management and does not offer any product recycling.

How Important Is It To Recycle

A few years ago, recycling was viewed by many as an alternative, an option, and never a necessity. Today, global warming has awoken us all from our slumber and recycling is the norm! With the number of human beings continuing to rise, so has the waste that we generate. And with more waste comes the need to dispose of it properly. Recycling is one of the safest, most recommendable forms of waste disposal. In simpler terms, recycling is all about making a useful product out of rubbish and waste. Each year, tons of items and products are recycled fro mold bottles, cans that would otherwise have been considered as waste.

  • Most people assume that by disposing of their rubbish in landfills, they have done all they ought to have done. But truth is that landfills are huge emitters of greenhouses and harmful chemicals as the waste decomposes. These greenhouses have a bad impact on the environment, so much so that most nations are now putting a limit on the amount of greenhouses that should be emitted.

  • By recycling, these emissions are reduced because some of the waste is converted into some useful items. For instance, instead of dumping old TV sets and other electrical waste in the landfill, these can be collected and taken for recycling in a plant.

  • Deforestation is the other major cause of global warming, after the carbon emissions. We all know that trees help purity the environment; but how is the environment kept pure if forests are vanishing so fast? Forests are being cleared for use as raw products or in heating industries that manufacture such. Recycling thus reduces deforestation; it minimizes the need for cutting down trees to manufacture new products. Besides, products prepared from recycling do not just help conserve the environment, they are also more affordable!


  • When the cost of production of products is low, there’s even little pressure on the environment. Preservation of minerals and natural resources ensures that future generations won’t struggle to exploit what is left behind for them. In other words, they too will use lesser energy to exploit these resources.

  • Another thing worth remembering is that recycling also helps make our homes, work places tidier and neater! Think of a household that’s choking with junk and rubbish all over. Although rubbish clearance done regularly may help eliminate such, recycling emerges as the perfect solution for such an instance. You are able to create more space in the house by identifying items you no longer need, and having them recycled into a new product. It’s a win-win situation for the home owner, and the consumer who’ll but the recycled product at a discounted rate.

  • Nowadays, even the packaging of our day to day products is going to great lengths to embrace recycling.

vonvil junk recycling

The next time you are out shopping, perhaps you want to be sure that the company you’re buying from has that unique label indicating that they’re eco friendly. Such tells you that the company has probably recycled the bag they are using to wrap your goods in.

How A Green Lifestyle Can Make For A Great Move

In the last 10 years, the effects of global warming have been more evident to mankind than at any other time in history. From rising sea levels to melting glaciers in the arctic and poles, the flooding and droughts across the world; these are phenomenon that are occurring with unprecedented frequency. In light of the above, the world has had to advocate for the embracing of green lifestyles. Green lifestyle is more than just recycling, and keeping off from polythene bags. Rather, like the name suggests, it is a holistic approach towards helping conserve the environment! Adopting a green lifestyle will not just make the environmental healthier; it also impacts your life in a very positive way.

Hand holding eco house

  • Did you know that adopting a green lifestyle is one way of keeping fit? London residents are increasingly being urged to prefer to green ways of going to the work places, like riding a bike or walking. Thus, rather than rely on your car or a bus to drive 2 Kms to work, it would be very healthier to walk or cycle; good cardiovascular exercise.

  • Secondly, you are also able to save money because your energy bills also reduce. One way of embracing a green lifestyle is by ensuring that yo switch off the lights in your house when not in use. During the day time, it is better to open the curtains and let natural light filter in, compared to relying on artificial lighting like bulbs. The same case applies for water. Never waste water by dancing and showering for over 20 minutes with water running. 5 minutes is enough. It helps you save not just your energy bills, but precious time too.

  • In this day and age, going green is even somewhat of a fashion statement. There are trendy and awesome shopping bags made of recycled materials or natural materials like reeds. By using these kind of bags, you are demonstrating that you stand on the side of the environment, that you are leading by example when it comes to going green. Some stores and major shopping franchises are actually phasing out the traditional plastic bags they’d use to wrap items, and replacing them with more eco friendly ones.

  • Strict adherents of green lifestyles are actually vegetarians. Why? They argue that meat consumption harms the environment more than other foods because its preparation requires much energy, same for its digestion. Not that meat, especially red meat is very healthy after all. Doctors recommend that we opt for more natural foods like plants and fruits. How much energy would you need to prepare 1kg of meat? And how much did it cost the environment to yield that energy? Is it worth it really in the long term, is it sustainable? These are some of the questions that motivate green lifestyle enthusiasts.




Embracing a green lifestyle demonstrates great commitment to leading in the fight towards conserving Mother Nature. It’s full of benefits not just for the environment, but also to you as the individual.

Where Does Your Rubbish Go

Where does rubbish go? The answer to this question may appear easy or complex, depending on how you look at it. To most homes and businesses, rubbish refers to everything that ends up in the dustbin. Kitchen waste, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, old household goods like torn carpets; the term rubbish can refer to all these. Still, debris and waste left behind during building and renovations is also rubbish! Think of sawdust and iron sheets, timber planks, rusted wires, and so on so forth. So where does all this rubbish end up? The truth is that some rubbish ends up in the landfill, while others ends up be recycled, reused, or repaired!

  • It is estimated that around 400 million tones of rubbish are generated annually in the UK. Out of this 30 million comprises of household waste. The waste may fall under different categories. Industrial waste, commercial waste, building and construction waste, and household rubbish. Once you look at things this way, it now becomes easier to determine where and how each kind should be disposed of.

  • Some of the rubbish we generate from our homes can be reused. Food waste should not always be thrown in the rubbish bins especially if it is still fresh; you can feed some to your pet! Sawdust left behind during renovations and minor construction works can be used to mulch your kitchen garden or flowers during the dry season. Old car tires can also be used for other tasks like in training your pet during agility classes!

  • Plastics bottles and soda cans made of aluminum are some of the easiest items to recycle! Even polythene bags and gift wrappers may be sent to recycling plants where they are remade into usable products. Even pieces of cardboards or wall papers left behind after a renovation can be used creatively in art work!


  • Often, some rubbish may include hazardous materials that require to be disposed of professionally. These may include old and damaged car batteries, electrical waste, to mention but a few. No in such instances, these must be left to the professionals who are better versed on just how to dispose of these. At the landfill, only items that can’t be recycled or reused are dumped and buried.


  • The common practice with most home owners to burn some of their rubbish is never recommended. The smoke emitted from such is harmful to the environment and those around. If any rubbish has to be burnt, it has to be done in a specially designed area. Such an area should have an incineration facility to help contain any harmful fumes that may be emitted.


The key to proper rubbish disposal lies in one having a reliable clearance company on standby. Such companies are ideal for home rubbish collection or commercial rubbish collection without infringing on any laws and statutes. They also enable you to rest assured that all rubbish will be handled correctly and as it ought to.