Tips to Clear your Garden in London

What a better place to start than with your Garden, this summer? 

It’s the best time to start preparing your garden, so that it will start to flourish soon, and you will have a lovely garden through out the summer. How lovely and peaceful feeling, it is to have your own beautiful Garden to relax and spend some good time with your friends & family.

Most of your may having parties during this time of the year so you will need to dispose the waste after those occasions. So to make things easier and have your residential or commercial gardens clean and tidy, you may need to hire a reliable clearance company that can perform the work for you.

Tips to start with – Clearing your Garden Rubbish 

Gardens are often not in use or neglected during the winter. Harsh winters cause in replacing many of your garden furniture and involves clearing the Garden with the help of Garden Clearance Company like Vonvil Junk.

  1. Trimming Branches – Start trimming overgrown branches first, and thin out overgrown shrubs before the buds begin to appear.
  1. Pile up your Garden Rubbish – Gather all your rubbish to a corner of the garden and pile them up.
  1. Be Eco Friendly – you can be Eco friendly with your Garden Waste by having a compost bin in your garden to dispose your garden rubbish, in an environmentally friendly manner.
  1. Garden Rubbish Disposing – Compose your household Rubbish not just the Garden Rubbish, this can later be used as a fertilizer to grow your plants in your own garden, so you don’t have to buy it.
  1. Save your Time and simply call Vonvil Junk on 0800 910 1184 to use our garden-clearance service to dispose your Garden Rubbish legally and most environmentally friendly way.