Top 5 things to know about professional house clearance in London

When you are moving houses, you might wonder and fret over where to start. Household items accumulate over the years and by the time you are moving, you begin to realize just how much stuff you have acquired over the years. So where do you start?

When you are looking for a professional house clearance and junk removal services in London, here are the top 5 things you need to know;

  1. The services – A professional house clearance company will clear all items from your house and have the right tools for the job. They should have sufficient vans and trucks to ensure everything is moved at a go. Safety is important and the team need to be in safety and protective gear such as overalls, work boots and gloves. Your items should be handled safely and efficiently, without wasting time. Once everything is loaded, the premise should be left neat and driveway clear of rubbish
  2. Mode of work – The Company should be easily reached, whether by email, social media or through contact numbers. You should be able to call them and get more information on what sort of work they do, their rate and the like. Most clearance services would require more details like your location and what clearance services you would like for them to send you a quotation.
  3. Additional services – Other than clearance services, some companies offer additional services like auctioneering. In addition, some clients may not be aware of the treasures they have and these items can be resold to add a few coins to their pocket or be used to offset the clearance bill. Also, if you would like some of your items donated to charity, the service could help you get that done and ensures the items reach a charity of your choice.
  4. Concern for the environment – When it comes to junk removal, it is up to the company to categorize the items, determine whether to recycle, donate or repair the items for reuse. Be keen on companies with a high recycle rate.
  5. Flexibility – You may want to hire a company on a need only basis or have an agreement where they offer clearance services on a regular basis, visit your premises on certain days a week and you receive you bill at the end of the month.


These 5 tips will guide you in selecting the best professional house clearance and junk removal services in London.