5 Easy Recycling Tips Anyone Can Do

Recycling is a practice that can be done by anyone at any place. It all starts by recycling everyday objects that you frequently use at home or work. At Vonvil Junk,our number one priority is to keep both the environment and people free of any rubbish that can cause harm. Since we offer not only the best services but also use green practices, most people often ask us on how they can start or improve their recycling process.

vonvil waste recycling

  1. Organisation

A recycling system whether done at home or work will have low noticeable results when done in a single stream. Some people would rather put all the waste in one container and later sort them out. You can use less energy, time and prevent confusion by having different recycling streams for putting all your waste in an organised manner. By labelling each container, even family members will have a clear understanding of where they should dispose their waste.

  1. Reuse

Not all waste needs to be thrown away. Sorting your trash can give you an idea of which material can be reused and also prevent contamination. Instead of throwing everything away, create a mentality where at least some items from your junk get reused. Use magazines and cans for creating a DIY project. Old shirts and towels are great for dusting around the house. Plastic bags make an excellent lining for covering dustbins while old toothbrushes make great items for shaping eyebrows, cleaning crevices and applying hair colour at home.

recycle your waste

  1. Clean your bins

Most people think that just because bins store rubbish and waste they rarely need to be cleaned. Dirty containers can cause contamination and are breeding grounds for pests and other harmful microorganism. Keep infections and parasites at bay by wiping or rinsing all your waste containers. When doing general cleaning don’t forget to give a good scrubbing to your bins.

  1. Know your recycling company

Not all recycling company will collect any of your trash. Some are not experts in managing hazardous waste or in clearing offices. Find out what services are acceptable by your rubbish clearance company and how they dispose of the collected waste.

  1. Keep your garbage dry

Water or extra moisture adds weight to your waste, create a perfect breeding environment for germs and deteriorate items that could have been recycled. Therefore, avoid including wet items in your recycling bins.


Use any of these tips to create better recycling practices.