10 Steps to Become Eco-Friendly

Being eco friendly basically means involving oneself with activities that have as minimal harm to the environment as possible. Many companies and organizations have come up with guidelines and policies that aim to promote eco friendliness. In fact in today’s world, even packaging companies have embraced this trend, supermarket chains too; companies that don’t adopt this trend risk having their products or services boycotted.


  • Product origin; this is having an awareness of what one uses in their daily lives. Always pay attention to the origin of products you use daily, ask yourself whether the company that manufactured it polluted or harmed the environment in order to make it available to you. Opt for products that embrace eco friendliness for example by wrapping their products in recyclable bags.
  • Conservation; by having an awareness on how to use resources, one can learn to conserve them. This is as simple as recycling plastic bottles, not leaving the tap water running while brushing your teeth and switching off the lights if they are not in use.
  • Tree planting; one can engage in environmental activities like tree planting. Trees are used in many ways including making paper and as firewood. We should not forget that they also provide shelter to birds and other animals. When one tree is cut, always plant two in replacement.
  • Conservation of water; water is a crucial component of the environment, and it should always be conserved. Teach yourself to take short showers, close off a running tap when not in use, and also harvest water in barrels and tanks to help with outdoor activities like watering flowers.
  • Use non harmful chemical products; harmful chemicals can include oil, ammonia and paint. When these chemicals are disposed off openly, they pollute the air. Worse, when washed away by rain water, they still carry their toxic compositions to streams and rivers, thus harming the water.
  • Composting; kitchen waste products and remains of plants can be converted into manure that can be used on your garden. This helps reduce the amount of garbage thrown out in the landfills and ends up polluting the air.
  • Recycled products; most people’s lifestyle will at some point involve shopping for various items. To promote eco friendliness, one can buy recycled materials and that have minimal packaging. The products always have a recycling label clearly indicated on them.
  • Environmental groups; one can form or join an environmental group. In these groups, people can be able to share and learn how to live an eco friendly life.
  • Wildlife; some human activities like poaching can lead to the extinction of wildlife. Don’t go to restaurants that harvest whales just to avail that delicious meal, don’t fly on airlines that encourage killing of game for fun’
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle; this is the easiest way of being eco friendly and you should embrace it. Reduce your need for polythene nylon papers, opt for harder ones that can be used and reused severally.