10 Recycling Facts from Vonvil Junk

By everyone doing a little each day and recycling their waste it will benefit everyone in the long term and will ensure that the generations of the future will have the same benefits of the planet that we currently have.

Recycling is part of everyday life now and the team at Vonvil Junk have created a list of facts that you may not know.

Did you know any of these?

  1. In the United Kingdom, 24 million tonnes of aluminium is produced every year with 51,000 of this produced into food and drink packaging.
  2. Steel cans are recyclable
  3. You could power a lightbulb from recycling one plastic bottle
  4. You could fill 103,000 double decker buses with the amount of paper that we throw into a landfill site each year
  5. Each UK family on average throws away 6 trees worth of paper
  6. 5 million trees could be save if we recycle just 10% more paper
  7. Just 1 litre of oil can pollute 1 million litres of water
  8. If each can was recycled, the UK would need 14 million less bins
  9. Enough electronics are thrown away to equal 1,000,000 cars yearly
  10. Each and every day, 80 million cans end up dumped in a Landfil

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