A Solution for All Your Renovation Waste

The solution to your renovation waste is compound in nature. This is because all the activities involved in any renovation project can be put into three broad categories. Part of the activities will involve the demolition of existing structure while the rest will involve the construction of new structure. In some cases land clearing activities are among the initial stages of a renovation project. It is therefore correct to state that the solution to your renovation waste encompass all the activities involved with construction, demolition and land-clearing waste management.

The acronym CDL stands for Construction, Demolition and Land-clearing. Therefore CDL waste management refers to a host of approaches which collectively form the solution the waste generated by construction, demolition and land-clearing activities. CDL waste management makes use of two main principles. There are principles you will adhere to in order to effectively manage your renovation waste. The principles are:-

  1. Eliminate and Minimize the Waste

The first principle is only applicable prior to the commencement of the actual work of renovation. In essence you will be determining ways in which you can prevent the actual generation of waste. There are a number of ways in which you achieve this objective. While planning the initial stage of the renovation project aka demolition, you should strive to retain as much of the existing structures as possible. You might be surprised at how much demolition work you can do without with minimal to little effect on the final outcome of a renovation project. Simply put, the less you demolish the lower the volume of waste you will end up generating.

  1. Reuse the Waste

The second principle applies while carrying out construction and demolition work. You will be involved in identifying the different types of waste, separating the waste according to type, determining what can be reused and setting aside what can be recycled upon the completion of the renovation project. Renovation waste has components with distinct characteristics. It can be made up of concrete, metallic fixtures, wooden window and door frames, doors, complete windows, glass fragments, wires, reinforcement steel rods, tile fragments, light fixtures, fluorescent lamps, insulation, nails and numerous other items.

Most of the items that make up renovation waste can be reused with no alteration at all. For instance nails, light fixtures, tile fragments, working fluorescent lamps, doors, windows and their frames can be reused as they are. A significant proportion of the waste can be can be recycled with minimal alteration. Concrete slabs can be used on pavements, steel rods welded into lawn chair and so forth. With the aid of CDL waste management principles you are bound to find a comprehensive solution to your renovation waste.

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