White Goods Recycling

White Goods Recycling Services in London

Are you thinking of buying a new washing machine or a fridge-freezer for your home / office? We can help you to get rid of the old one.

Vonvil Junk offers a special white good recycling service for both domestic and commercial customers. Our professional and experienced truck team will help you to get rid of all your white goods from fridge-freezers to washing machines, dishwashers, ovens etc,by collecting and carrying them responsibly to legally authorised recycling plants/centers.

You can trust Vonvil Junk as we take care of your waste with great care in minimising environmental damage. We do this throughout the process of carrying and transferring your used appliances for recycling. In fact, we ensure that we will recycle all of your white goods in accordance with hazardous waste regulations (2005).

  • We collect all sorts of white goods from fridge freezer, washing machines to dishwashers, ovens, dryers, and many more items.
  • Simple and Eco-Friendly White Goods Disposal Services
  • We take all of your white goods to licensed recycling centers (and ensure that we recycle white goods in accordance with hazardous waste regulations, 2005).
  • Call us now at 020 8548 9347 for your domestic and commercial white-good disposal needs.
White goods Disposal