Office Clearance London

Office Waste Clearance Services in London

We provide cost efficient and environmentally friendly disposals.

As an office continues to operate for years and even decades, everyone will eventually need to dispose of old workstations, IT equipment, files and folders, used office furniture, and other unwanted items.

Vonvil Junk is here to ensure you that everything is removed from your company or organisation in a legal, ethical, and environmentally friendly manner. This way you will avoid damaging the environment. Indeed, every organisation has a legal responsibility to ensure that they produce their waste, store it, transport it, and dispose of it without harming the environment. (This standard is according to Environmental Protection Act of 1990 and the Environmental Protection Act on “Duty of Care” Regulations, 1991.)

We can help you to clear your office or workshop by removing all unwanted items, old workstations, printers, fax machines, computer units, cabinets, other storage units, and much more.

  • We offer professional, reliable, and efficient service.
  • Call us today for any ad-hoc office clearance in London. We will arrange a truck team to arrive at a time convenient for you.
  • We provide a rough price over the phone and confirm the exact price on arrival.
  • Experience a professional, reliable, and hassle-free service. We follow standard procedures and the best practices to ensure that we deliver quality service, yet for a competitive price (including booking confirmations, courtesy calls, etc.).