Mistakes You Make When Recycling

Most people in the UK recycle their unwanted waste on a weekly basis as local councils make it easier for residents to put out their trash by providing waste bins to put in your plastic and glass.

There are some simple mistakes that you can make though that you may not be aware of which can cause a rejection of the material so it be then added to the waste pile. This also adds to the cost that the local authority has to pay each year. With a little more care, you will be able to help cut costs and reduce the rejection rate.

recycle waste bins

Here are some common mistakes that can be made but are avoidable in the

If you have garden or green waste, please make sure that there are no stones are mixed in with it as this will be rejected. Did you know that crisp packets can not be recycled? This is one of the most common mistakes that people are unaware of and put them in with the plastic bins. You can also make your waste contaminated by mixing organic food waste with dry waste.

Sure, takeaway pizza boxes are made from cardboard, but as they sometimes contain grease it will soak into the card which will then be unsuitable for recycling. Polystyrene is also commonly thrown into the recently pile but is not actually recyclable so avoid this mistake in the future. Also batteries are not recyclable so you will need to find out if you have a collection point from your local authority.