Sofa Removal London

Call us now to remove your old sofa removal in London. We will collect it and take it to a licensed recycling centre for disposal. Our experienced staff will access any section of your property to help in removing the sofa and loading it. Meanwhile, if your sofa is ready to collect in the front garden or outside the property, we will charge less.

When we come over, we know how to handle the task and take care of your sofas and beds and the nicely take them away from you property. Our Trained staff does these kind of work every day and the know how to clear your sofas easily.

All the staffs at Vonvil Junk Ltd. are fully trained and knows the jobs they are sent to do. As a experienced company, our services are focused to get your work done at the most epic manner. Whenever you need a removals to be done at commercial or residential property we are the right team in London for rubbish removal that can do your clearances safely. We are fully licensed and our company has reliable staffs that can come to your homes and take the sofas away from you place and recycled.

Sofa Recycling in London

Charges for sofa removals will depend on the size (two / three seater sofa).

  • Call us at 020 8548 9347 or 0800 910 1184, and tell us about the size of your sofa that you need to dispose of (i.e., two seater / three seater), and we will inform you of the cost.
  • You can keep your old sofa on your front garden and make it ready for collection, and we will charge you less. It is that simple.
  • The truck team will arrive in a two-hour window at your convenience for the sofa clearance.
Sofa Clearance London