Why you should hire a professional rubbish removal company to clean your house

Unwanted clutter in a home is a big issue. As a homeowner, unwanted, damaged on broken items are always piling up. Trying to figure out if an item is recyclable, hazardous or simply just junk can be confusing.


Not to mention, you will then have to load everything into your vehicle and drive over to the nearest dump site or tip which may not be close to your area of residence. Repeated trips mean greater fuel consumption and a dirty car as a by-product.

This is where professional rubbish removal companies come in. They can help make the job of hauling sorting and properly disposing of your rubbish in a legal and safe way.

Rubbish removal companies have specially trained teams who will first visit your site and assess the amount and scope of the rubbish removal task at hand. Identify any toxic or hazardous materials and even assess what can be recycled. Several companies have even gone high-tech with the ability to send in photos or breakdown of your rubbish for instant quotes.

Next they will send a team with the proper equipment to undertake the task. Depending on the volume of rubbish, the refuse can usually be hauled away in a matter of hours.

Now you are left with clean and empty storerooms or extra space you had lost to rubbish accumulation.

Rubbish Removal UK

Areas of domestic rubbish removal such companies cover are surprisingly wide ranging, they include:

Garage Clearance – garages are probably one of the easiest places for excess rubbish to accumulate and be forgotten. It’s a space outside the main house and apart from the car there is space for storage. You only have to look at those TV shows about hoarders to realise that rubbish and unwanted goods can accumulate fast in a garage space.

Decluttering – it’s a tough task, you may think every item will eventually have a use or have odd bits and ends you believe came from something important. Or you simply lost track and you now have stuffy house full of items you do not know what to do with. Rubbish removal companies have experts who can come and assess and advise how to streamline your possessions and remove unwanted items. This is a great way to relieve home stress and shape and efficient home environment.

Void property clearance – domestic rubbish removal also includes services for realtors and property agents. Void properties that have been seized, considered derelict or hazardous or even simply tenants overstaying their leases need to be cleaned and cleared for the safety of the surrounding community. 

Rubbish removal companies are vital asset in this endeavor and can have a property cleaned up fast and efficiently, making it fit for reletting.

Recycling White Goods – white goods are heavy and very difficult to dispose of when they eventually break. Plus, washing machines, fridges etc are very difficult to transport in family vehicles due to their size. A professional removal service will help take such items off your hands, dismantle them safely, dispose of any accumulated hazardous waste inside them and recycle the components.

As can be seen, rubbish removal companies can be  an invaluable asset in decluttering, cleaning and safely disposing of domestic rubbish, making sure home environments are clean, safe and stress free.

The Timeline: Rubbish collection by The Independent

Check out this informative article about History of Rubbish Collection. Click here to read.

This is practicing from 3000BC to present.



5 Easy Recycling Tips Anyone Can Do

Recycling is a practice that can be done by anyone at any place. It all starts by recycling everyday objects that you frequently use at home or work. At Vonvil Junk,our number one priority is to keep both the environment and people free of any rubbish that can cause harm. Since we offer not only the best services but also use green practices, most people often ask us on how they can start or improve their recycling process.

vonvil waste recycling

  1. Organisation

A recycling system whether done at home or work will have low noticeable results when done in a single stream. Some people would rather put all the waste in one container and later sort them out. You can use less energy, time and prevent confusion by having different recycling streams for putting all your waste in an organised manner. By labelling each container, even family members will have a clear understanding of where they should dispose their waste.

  1. Reuse

Not all waste needs to be thrown away. Sorting your trash can give you an idea of which material can be reused and also prevent contamination. Instead of throwing everything away, create a mentality where at least some items from your junk get reused. Use magazines and cans for creating a DIY project. Old shirts and towels are great for dusting around the house. Plastic bags make an excellent lining for covering dustbins while old toothbrushes make great items for shaping eyebrows, cleaning crevices and applying hair colour at home.

recycle your waste

  1. Clean your bins

Most people think that just because bins store rubbish and waste they rarely need to be cleaned. Dirty containers can cause contamination and are breeding grounds for pests and other harmful microorganism. Keep infections and parasites at bay by wiping or rinsing all your waste containers. When doing general cleaning don’t forget to give a good scrubbing to your bins.

  1. Know your recycling company

Not all recycling company will collect any of your trash. Some are not experts in managing hazardous waste or in clearing offices. Find out what services are acceptable by your rubbish clearance company and how they dispose of the collected waste.

  1. Keep your garbage dry

Water or extra moisture adds weight to your waste, create a perfect breeding environment for germs and deteriorate items that could have been recycled. Therefore, avoid including wet items in your recycling bins.


Use any of these tips to create better recycling practices.

Choosing the Correct Waste Removal Company

The removal of waste is not just needed at home but also in working environments. With many companies advertising their services, you need to find a reputable business that will clear any waste without causing any effects to the environment. If you need to remove your rubbish urgently, you may rush and choose a firm that that is not going to do a professional job for you.

waste and rubbish removal

hazardous waste

There are various types of rubbish that may need disposing of such as garden, scrap metal, household, electronics, construction and office waste. Each of these have a different method of disposal. A reputable company will think of recycling and reusing first before disposing. They are experts who are knowledgeable in various types of waste and can even dispose of hazardous material without harming you or the environment.

When moving to another office or home, you are likely to have accumulated a lot of junk and may want to get rid of any old items. It will consume you a lot of time trying to sort out the waste according to those that need to be reused, donated and recycled. When you hire experts your work will be made easy, and you will even have more time which you can allocate to doing other stuff. Knowing that professionals are taking care of all your junk also gives you piece of mind as you will not have to keep checking or concerning yourself with the process.

Most people are not aware of where to throw away their waste especially electronics. A reputable rubbish removal business has the needed tools and equipment to take care of the waste. They also wear protective garments like gloves to prevent injury. They know where to send rubbish for incineration and biodegradable’s to landfills. They sort out all the garbage before disposing of off to keep the environment green.

The waste in offices and home has to cleared regularly, and the only people who can do a good job are a reputable rubbish company. They have the skills and are trained to remove waste before it poses a health hazard. These workers are always on time and will clear the waste in a short time.

You can read more article like this on recycling, rubbish removal and the environment on our blog page.

Business Waste and its Potential Hazards

The majority of UK working professionals spend a lot of time in their office which will often result the in accumulation of a substantial amount of waste or items that you can recycle. This however can build up in no time at all.

office waste

If this is not properly removed, the waste will cause clutter in the work space which will lead yo obstructions and possible health hazards.

The results of this could possibly reduce productivity and make the office an unhealthy environment for working.

If everyone at the company takes a certain amount of responsibility, then your business will save on its budget and demonstrate proper waste disposal practices.

If all of your electronic waste is not disposed of in a right manner, it can cause environmental issues so find a company that can dispose of this properly in an ethical manner. There are laws to stick to in the UK regarding this so be sure to stick to them.

Items such as plastic water bottles and packaging various other materials could be reduced. As a business owner, you can advocate for filtered water system which is purchased once using tap water which can be done in the tea or break room. Instead, plastic cups and bottles should be replaced with glasses or mugs which can be used again for many years to come.

Every few months, have an audit of what business waste your company is producing. From this information, you can make plans and improvements for the months to come.

If you have waste to clear and need some advice, contact Vonvil Junk Today!





How to Quickly Clear an Office in an Instant

There are a number of reasons that you may need to clear your office or place of work out so it is free from clutter, mess and unwanted items.

It can be a large task to fully clear out an office to relocate or upgrade everything in it. To do this and to speed things up for you it is advised to use a reputable office clearance company to assist you.

it upgrade
The need for a clear up could be one of the following reasons. Relocation happens a lot during to a business becoming more successful and expanding to horizons new.

Keeping up to date in the modern world may need you to discard of a number of electrical items such as computers, screens and printers which if done in bulk can mount up if you have a large office.

vonvil office clearance
Please remember, if you decide to complete this task yourself or with your your staff members you will not only have the hassle of the physical work that the job actually involves. Your day to day work will be interrupted which could cause you to lose out financially.

If you are in need of an office clearance service and need a little help or advice, please get in touch with us at Vonvil Junk to see what we can do do for you.

How to Improve your Recycling at Work

Did you know that it is estimated that businesses in the United Kingdom could save over £6 billion if they improved on the waste that they use their resources and was more careful on how they recycled.

workplace recycling

Recycling is not just for the home and there are many benefits for being able to do this. You will create less waste, save the company some money and it is quite simple to set up.

You can find a service provider that will help you with storage containers and a collection service.

You can promote recycling around the workplace through email and posters informing staff of how they can help, where to recycle and what can be put in certain containers. Locate your containers in a place that staff can easily find and get to encourage as much as possible.

You can also collect unwanted items for charity if they are still in working order and will benefit someone else.

There are also other things that you can do in order to cut the amount of waste down drastically. These include

  • Using mugs and glasses instead of throw-away plastic which will build up very quickly
  • Use only recycled paper in the office, most companies will offer this option
  • Reduce the amount of paper that you use by printing on both sides
  • Refill or recycle your printer ink cartridges rather than keep buying new ones that produce more waste
  • Try to find an office supplier that offers recycled products, for instance stationary

By using less and buying more environmentally friendly products you are well on your way to doing your bit for the planet. For any recycling advice or rubbish removal tips, please get in contact with us today.

Home Recycling Tricks and Tips

Did you know that around 70% of the waste that you throw out on a daily basis could be recycled? This will save rubbish going to landfill sites and it will help the environment. It will also save your local council some money.

recycling at home

There are a number of things that you can recycle from old wood, food waste and even electronic goods that no longer work.

Here are some quick tips for you of how you can improve your recycling at home.

First of all, make sure you have some storage space to put your recycling in. This can be bags, boxes or a separate bin.

With any carboard boxes, flatten them out so that you will have more space to fit more stuff in. All forms of paper and card can be recycled so put this all together for collection.

Most plastic bottles, whatever the product can be recycled. Be sure to check the lids though as these are not always recyclable
. It should state this on the product packaging.

A lot of metal items are also recyclable. Deodorant cans, food tins and aluminum foil can go in the same container. Be sure to rinse out food tins so you do not create an unpleasant smell or unwanted attention from scavengers if it is left outside.

rubbish and waste removal

You may have a recycling point in your local borough. Check the local council website for information on this. You can also entre your postcode and find out what dates your recycling will be collected so you can keep on track.

Of course, there will be a limed amount to what you can dispose of on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

If you have an unusual amount of waste which is too much for your local collection, it is recommended that you hire the services of a local, licensed rubbish removal company to take away your unwanted items in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Choosing the Right Waste Disposal Company

There is a lot of choice available with many services and products that we purchase today and it can be hard to decide which is the best option for you.

This is no different when choosing a company to dispose of any unwanted items that you have built up over time.

vonvil junk rubbish removal

This could be garden waste, builder’s rubble or any leftovers from a painting and decorating job.

Here are some things to look out for when trying to hire a trustworthy company.

  • It must be a company registered with the Environment Agency. This organisation set the rules and if the company that you may wish to choose is accredited, you are in safe hands.
  • Find out what past customers and business clients say. Check out any testimonials and referrals. You can also search the company name on the search engines for positive reviews. This just gives you some feedback that will determine the decision of whether to hire them.
  • A good company will recycle as much as possible to avoid taking waste to fill up landfill sites which is harming the environment.

Vonvil Junk (formally London Wasters) is London’s #1 rubbish removal company which you can trust to dispose of your unwanted items ethically and within UK law.

Get in touch with us for any advice that you may need regarding the removal of any waste from your home or business premises. We can handle and type of job no matter how large or small.

Disposing of Car Tyres

Old car tyres are one of the most problematic things to dispose of once the tyre is no longer legal to use on the road. As tyres are in day to day use, the amount that are discarded and no longer useable is vast.


The recycling of tyres in recent years has moved forward and this has resulted in less people dumping them which causes a mess, obstructions and a potential hazard.

The reason that they are such a problem is because they are very well made because they have to have durability and they are also non-biodegradable.

Some tyres can actually be re-treaded to prolong their life and delay the time that they may be useable.

Tyre contain metal also as well as the rubber. The metal rim can be separated with no problem. Once recycled, a tyre can be used as certain fuels, completely new rubber products, children’s play area surfaces or just simply made into new tyres.

There are many things that you can do with an old tyre and you can even make indoor furniture with it and nobody would even know. You will need to put your creative hat on! Here is a good website

that shows the possibilities of what you can do with a little time and creative thoughts.

You can find out in more detail the laws in the United Kingdom by clicking here.